Need help with SSS

1st pic for reference.

Hey guys…any unreal material guru’s out there? I’m having a devil of a time trying to get SSS to work properly with my blinds here. When I add a constant to the opacity, it does exactly that, I don’t want them to be transparent because then they wont cast shadows on the floor. I just need the dominant light to mix with the color I set for them and for the blinds to sort of glow because of that. Am I…kind of on the right track? I need to make a SSS material for a lampshade I have planned as well, so any tutorials or examples of a very simplified SSS material would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Have a great day.

I’m not really sure, just guessing, but may play with the blend modes?

How does it look with 0.5 opacity value?

Hey Vertpusher -

I am not sure that SSS is exactly what you want to use, but you should not have to add any values to opacity to have the effect of light passing through your object. You will want to take the subsurface color input and brighten that color making it a separate color.

Thank You

I’m not sure if SSS is what you’re going for, to be honest. Maybe use a depth fade set up with an opacity parameter so you can control how much is transparent. The problem with the translucent mode is that specularity is almost nonexistent, so you may want to try to pass your texture through a reflection vector to “fake” your reflections, though. I could be wrong, though, so don’t take my word for that set up.