Need help with Sabertooth mod

Hi. I am trying to change the Sabertooths so that it is possible for the Argentavis to carry them, just like the rapors, phimona, dodo ect. But i can`t for the life of me figure it out. I dont want to create new sabertooths, just change the existing ones.

Hi Mytme,

I am away from my kit at the moment, but as I recall, whether or not something can be picked up is controlled by whether or not it is ‘draggable.’

They are all drag-able, but they have a set “weight”. Just make sure they weigh around as much as a raptor and you should be golden. You will definitely have to create a whole new sabertooth to change that value though.

I also believe in addition to adjusting the weight values, you may need to look for a setting called “flyer can carry” or something along the lines of that on the Saber’s BP. I vaguely recall seeing this when I was working on a new NPC the other day

I don’t recall seeing it, but I could easily be wrong on this. I do know for SURE that weight is a factor. I would recommend something under 200

just tested on dev kit, the 2 value that you’re looking for are in Character BP : **Grab Weight Threshold **and Drag Weight

The target Drag Weight need to be lower then your Argent Grab Weight to be grab-able

Okey :slight_smile: im trying the now :slight_smile: and i have also fixed some spawn, but i cant figure out hos to add it to the map? the spawns i have changed are the lvl off all spawn on “monster island” and when i cook my mod and upload it, its somwthing wrong, its not even 1mb :frowning:

If you want to replace the original Sabertooths with your Sabertooths then I suggest remapping its BP in the PrimalGameData. Just remap the original with the new one by using the “Remap NPC” and all the newly spawned Sabertooths will become the modded version.

I have done that now, so it should be able to be picked up now :slight_smile: i need to test it later when I have better time :slight_smile:

Now i have changed the original sabertooth BP. But there is still one thing i cant figure out, and that is the new spawn lvl that i have added for the dinos on the island up north. but how do i get it to work? i have the blueprint in my mod folder with the copys of the generic files, what more do i need to do?

you will need to remap you modified monsterIsland spawner to replace the original one now :wink: (using the remap NPCSpawn entries in you primalgamedata )

Where do i do that? i have looked everywhere i think, been on this for hours :stuck_out_tongue:

arf just edit with the answer but still too late :stuck_out_tongue:

I can put in from class and to class, so the original in from and the new one in to i guess then? im lost :stuck_out_tongue: (such a noob)

the other way :wink:

you want to take the value “from” your’s “to” the original :wink:

I did that :stuck_out_tongue: but the **** mod does work when i try it in PIe, but not in the game when i test it on local. i give up :stuck_out_tongue:

You sure? or either way work?

As i always put the original in from and my modded in to (my mod is working)

Did not work for me on my modded in “To” and original “From”

Did you try in game or just the editor play?

I tryed both. But the mod works fine when i test it in PIE, well the adden engrams show, but not when i cook, upload and test it on local