Need help with replication please!

Hi all,

I am trying to handle the replication of some cubes and am having some problems. As much as i hate to say this, picture minecraft. Thats initially what im going for as far as the cube behaviour goes. Right now the server is working fine. It can destroy and place cubes with no issue and the client can see all of it. But when the client tries to place cubes, only the client can see it and when it goes to destroy the cubes it can only destroy ones placed by the client. Anything that is spawned by another blueprint it cant touch. I have been studying the Network_Features example for hours and i cant work it out. I have done everything the same (as far as i can tell) as in the example map. Can any replication geniuses out there lend a hand?

I will post some screenshots of my node networks if you need.

I wont claim to be any geniuses but when the cube is spawned or destroyed is it done so server side?
Any behavior replicates from server to clients and will not replicate unless it happens server side.

Make the client call a RPC method telling server to do a Spawn or Destroy.
Hope it helps

I believe it is being spawned server side. I have made a blueprint that spawns blocks on begin play and there is a switch has authority node that makes sure only the server spawns it. How do i make the client tell the server to destroy or place? Would you be able to give me an example?