Need Help With Rendering landsacpe Materials in secne

Here are some pictures of how I have my materials set up and how I am doing them.

(Hint you need to look at all three images to see what is wrong).

So I am asking for advice on how to deal with this issue. My PC meets the requirements for UE4 and even exceeds CPU recommendations.

Also keep in mind I am a noob and only downloaded and started using this software on Sunday or Monday.

Your first 2 links are dead for me. You can post images directly to the forum, click the insert image button on the tool bar when you reply.

It won’t let for some reason. I don’t know why. Thank you for your post.

I figured it out


that texture you’re plugging into Metallic, and the other one you plugged into Specular/Roughness/Emissive - what do they look like? I suspect you’re misusing them

[edit] oh wait I thought they were parameters.
just a black texture? try disconnecting it from Roughness, see if that fixes it

thanks that fixed it.

Now I am wondering how to get into UE’s settings because it is doing something weird. It is painting entire squares and the W, A, S, D, keys are not working. I think it is a settings error.