Need Help with PNG imports

Hi guys. I’m just learning unreal. I’m very used to Unity.
So I don’t understand how PNG transparency works in Unreal. Sometimes they come with transparency and sometimes Unreal decides to give them a random background.
Here I have the Bats in Photoshop. I export a PNG.

Here they are turned into Sprites and put into Unity. Looking great.

And here is what Unreal does with the exact same file. I turned them into Sprites and throw them in the scene.
Help me keep my sanity. Thank you!

Each texture you import into unreal can be compressed however you see fit.

Obvious issue even for unity, your texture doesn’t seem to be power of 2.

I would suggest you use transparent TGA as it offers better quality. Unless you are incredibly concerned with file size. I think the mip process just works better with TGA, but in the end you’d always be hard pressed to notice differences.

To “fix” so to say, the current file. Open the texture. Change the options and compression modes to whatever fits.
probably disable srgb if it is enabled.

You probably want dxt1/5, BC1/3 on DX11
but you can also select Alpha no srgb BC4 on DX11 and see what happens.

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thx for the reply
I exported a tga and put it into Unreal, opened the pic settings and switched it to dxt1/5, BC1/3 on DX11 and also tried the power of 2 thing in there. The power of 2 only seems to add a bunch of black to the sides of the picture. Not sure what that is for. Now the sprites look like this…

I’m not big on color theory and sRPG,CMYK. I do know the color channel thing in Photoshop, I tried a few different exports with that but none of them do what I want. I either get a black, a white or a complete gray scale mess of a background.
I never had to deal with an issue like this in Unity. Transparency just works there. I have no idea what to do.

So I fixed it by getting another PSD file that I have where the export worked fine. Threw the bats in there, exported them there and the png worked in Unreal. yay
Thing is tho, I’ve tried that with a few other PSDs before already and didn’t get that result. This is what the channels looked like in the end.


This is what they looked like earlier.


Not really sure how to create them from scratch. Everytime I see bad channels I just have to remake the project as far as I can tell. When I create new channels and fill them with black or white nothing good seems to come of it. If someone can still shine some light on this subject I would be interested ;D