Need help with material on characters face, using a PP toon shader


I have this visual issue on the characters face and can’t seem to figure a way to smooth it out to look better. The toon shader is based on the Post Process Mat. I created the post process from this amazing guy

Perhaps it is related to a material node setting, such as shadow cutoff, try lowering the suspected value and see if it smoothes the edges better.

@unit23 yeah I tried that and it adjusts the scene too much when I get what I want on the characters face to look better

Use a different one for the environment. At the end of the video, there is a material instance for one of the objects. You’ll want to make a few for different types of things so you can control the overall look.

@ConradG if you are talking about the land mat and foliage mat, i tried those ways and all it does is lighten the face material. The shadows stay in the same area. I need like a shadow threshold or something to get the dynamic light to cover more of the face surface. Not sure how to go about this on the face material. I also tried using a subsurface material but when the character is in the shadows or shaded area the face is lit up like the directional light is hitting the area.