Need Help with Landscaping (adding splat maps, normals to landscape material layers)

I’m working through the landscaping tutorials but it just kinda breezes past layer info objects and adding splat maps/masking for pre-generated painted terrain. I assume this is the object where I need to add some type of paint mask file but I don’t see anywhere to do that. Any ideas ladies/gents?

I have no idea if we are talking about the same thing, but I am entirely confused about how to assign materials to the landscape paint tool. How do you use that thing?!

Open up Landscape in Modes. Select Paint, here you should see your layers in your landscape material.
Click the little + to the right and select which ever version you prefer (Weight-Blended layer probably) and choose a location to save it to.
Right click your layer and select Import from file and choose a .png or .raw/.r8

If you haven’t already, you need to first make layers using either landscape layer blend or switch within your material.

First of all thank you for the help, !

Here is my Landscapes paint mode:

I don’t seem to have any + sign on the right and when I move my cursor onto the map the brush is stuck in a stationary position and I can’t move it around.

This may be for the tutorial section of the forum, but I am not sure how to create a landscape layer blend in my material. I have selected the “Used with Landscape” option within my material but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

Use the LandscapeLayerBlend node. Select it and press the + to the right of “Layers” under “Material Expression Landscape Layer Blend” in the details panel (probably to the left).
Select the new layer you just created, press the arrow to expand and choose a layer name.
Do this for every layer you want in your landscape (for example Grass, Sand, Rock and so on).
Plug in the networks/nodes you want to affect each layer in the appropriate input that have appeared in your LandscapeLayerBlend node.
Plug the LandscapeLayerBlend into for example “Base Color” (or any other you’d like to use) and compile it.

Now select your landscape and see the “Landscape” section in the details panel. There you should find “Landscape Material” assign the material you just created there.

Now if you open up the “Paint” section in the landscape panel in “modes” you should see your new layers.

Thanks again , this has been a great help and I’ve managed to paint onto my landscape. Much appreciated!

I am getting black splodges as I paint and just wanted to check if this is common and normal, can you take a look at the screen shot below:


I have the same question with MattD: How to assign external splat maps to landscape? I have height map and splat maps which are exported from a Unity3D project. For the height map, I followed Epic landscape tutorials and managed to reuse it in UE4. But for the splat maps, I really don’t know how to deal with them. Anyone has a solution for this?

Not tested, but try right clicking on your layer and selecting “Import from file”

Thats exactly the way to go.

If you have a terrain exported from Unity you might run into problems with the size of the terrain though. You should make sure that your terrain has a size specified here:

Thank you, guys. Now the splat maps are working with UE4.

So my friend helped me to resize a splat map (must have exactly the same resolution as the landscape), split each channel of the map and saved them as seperate PNG files. And then, ‘Import from file’, done. Maybe the rotation isn’t correct, but I have a solution now.

I also found this thread, not sure which way is a better way to do it.