Need Help with landscape modes panel

I can’t get access to the top 4 modes of the editor landscape sculpt tool (sculpt, smooth, flatten, ramp) when building in VR, the list of tools is not long enough, the top one is erosion and there is no way to scroll the list up or down, I’ve searched for solutions but only found two people on Youtube that have had this problem and no answers posted. Everything else seems to work o.k. System is i7 3.6ghz, Geforce gtx 980 4g, 8gb ram, gigabyte H81M- Ds2 mainboard. 64 bit. Any help would be appreciated. Rob.

You are right, it’s a current limitation / bug.

It has already been pointed out by other users here:
and in the VR Editor Offical Megathread (Post #250).

In both cases got no answer/solution. You can try to file it as a bug on AnswerHub.

Thanks for the reply.