Need help with glow material


Is it possible to create universal material like this -

For any object, not just cubes?

How can i make wireframe wisible and glowing like in video?

Hi bitande,

You can make a wireframe material quite easily in the editor by going into the details panel of the material on the left side and toggling the option for “wireframe” on.

This will show the triangulated mesh though (just something to be aware of).



but wireframe too thin. and mesh is transparent.

I need more thick wireframe. And don’t need transparence.

Then you will have to create a wireframe texture + uv map all your meshes (in your 3d program). It will look like this :slight_smile:

(when you move)

It’s actually quite easy, because it almost does not matter how exactly you unwrap your model - wireframe texture always will be matching perfectly :smiley: