Need help with FracturedStaticMesh

Hi guys, I’m playing around with FracturedStaticMesh, which I want to use when particular items are destroyed in game (the item gets destroyed, and I spawn the fractured static mesh in it’s place and call Explode() on it).

It’s working ok, however the chunks that are spawned disappear too fast. Also not enough chunks actually spawn (not enough to represent the whole mesh).

Does anyone know how to make more chunks spawn, and how to make them persist in the world for longer?


Take a look at your level’s WorldProperties, under the Fracture section. Also take a look at the SystemSettings.ini, search for “fracture”. you’ll find a few answers there

btw for me the chunks don’t disappear, they just disappear when I’m at X distance from them and don’t re-appear if I come closer again (probably controlled by the FractureCullDistanceScale).
if I stay close they don’t vanish over time and the only way they disappear is when I fracture something else which creates new chunks (so the old chunks get de-spawned), so the answer probably lies in the global maximum allowed chunks (probably controlled by NumFracturedPartsScale)

on a related note I found Explode() to not be completely reliable (can’t remember why though). Instead I use BreakOffPartsInRadius() spanning the entire radius of the mesh’s bounds

Thanks for the info @Chosker, that helps a lot.