Need help with Foliage Instanced Meshes and Lightmass

As the title states, I am looking for some help understanding how to properly render lighting when using Foliage Instanced Meshes. I have a large open world level with Painted Foliage Instances.

I’m not understanding how this works with foliage LOD’s. After building my lighting, tried with both Static and Dynamic shadows, my foliage is completely black and appears to be rendering the farthest LOD (3) when close to the camera. Upon moving away, the LOD seems to Decrease to (2) and the color comes back into the foliage.

I tried completely deleting all of the instanced foliage and repainting. In preview, the lighting of the meshes and the shadows appear correct, but after building again, the problem reoccurs.

Any ideas for how to correct?

Link is attached to imgur GIF showing the problem.