Need help with collisions for Zero-G SOLO Echo Arena style game

I have a near fully working game, except I can’t seem to get my player to collide with any mesh that has multiple parts, (Say, a Ceiling with Lights Hanging Down, The player collides with the Meshes BOUNDING BOX NOT THE MESH itself, (So player can’t go up BETWEEN the lights to HIT the Ceiling!) In Unity I would switch from BOX to Mesh collision and be done. ONE SECOND. With UNREAL it is weeks of searching then lowering myself to ask for help, I sense this is another thing UNITY made super easy and UNREAL never made at all, or makes unavailable for; ‘Reasons’. I have read that Unreal does not work with CONCAVE meshes, OMG that CAN’T be right… I would just export the FBX to Max and break up the elements, but it would never come back into Unreal looking right, That is like Starting over (in Unity, the FBX stays ‘LIVE’ so if you change it, the change propagates into the Unity Scene! In unreal the FBX is abandoned and forgotten) Assuming Unreal cannot handle this simple thing 'MESH (instead of Box or Capsule) COLLISION, Is there a way to break single meshes into multiple meshes in Unreal? (the re are like 7 way to do that in Unity…) THANK YOU!