Need help with collision in Default VR template

Hey Guys,
Need help with something which might have a very simple solution but I have been unable to uncover this issue.

So, I am using UE 4.14.3 with the default VR Template loaded. Now I have a simple issue where I want to interact with components in the level with just a tap. With the default VR pawn, I am able to push or nudge or move an object, while the VR motion controller ‘hands’ are made into a fist using the Trigger button. This is shown in the below screenshot.

Now when I am not making a Fist (Not pressing down on the Trigger button of the controller), I pass through objects without collision or interaction. Like so.

Now see the below image, here I have used the Trigger button from the content example where I can push down on the button by just tapping on it AND without making the fist.

This is something I want to replicate on other objects. I have tried copying all the settings on the above Trigger button on other actors. I have also tried duplicating the actor and break it down to what I want. But I am going wrong somewhere. Please guide me how I can interact with objects without making a fist. I am working on HTC Vive and Oculus Touch.

Hey All,

So found out what was going wrong. Just had to set the Collision Presets in the BP_MotionController, Actor Blueprint. It was right there. Feel very stupid right now, but hey if any one comes across this; Hope it helps.


Hey amey where do you stay in pune… I am also a unreal user from pune only…