need help with a Feather Particle System


I want to make a Feather System, I have a “bird type” creature and I want make fell some feathers from him some times to make it more cooler, but I don’t know where to start, Can Anyone help me a bit? because I’m really lost


Unreal has its own particle system editor called Cascade, the verryyyy first thing you should do is take a look at the particle system “P_Steam_Lit” in the Unreal StarterContent pack, just navigate to the particles folder double click it and you’ll be able to see the whole set up they use within Cascade to make the particle system. The reason I suggest you look at the steam particle system is because the material set up they have is very similar to the one you would use for a feather, except the Opacity would not be as low.

As for the nitty gritty of how to make your particle system, I would suggest looking at some of the video tutorials Unreal has put out on working with cascade:

The only other piece of advice I could give on making a feather falling particle system is to keep an eye on the “Orbit” node you can make within cascade, it will give your falling feathers the random falling motion they need to look convincing as they fall off your bird.

Hope this helps! and good luck