(Need Help) Very Strange Lighting / Material Issues

Hello, I’ve been struggling for some time with my model from Blender but It seems to not just be my own model but the models from the tutorial maps seem to bug out and show some very odd shadows from time to time. Currently the shadows seem fine but its strange as one day their fine the next they go crazy on all models in the level including the ones that come with the VR tutorial map.

Here is my main issue right now… My Low poly tree… it was working fine a few minutes ago after building lighting but after having issues with Unreal all day i decided to restart the Engine to see if that would fix anything but after coming back this is what my tree now looks like :frowning:

<Notice all the odd glowing stuff?

And now here’s how it should look:

<This is how the preview static mesh looks in unreal.

There seems to be a bunch of weird glowing stuff over it… The texture is VERY basic its literally just a color (Believe its called a vector 3 node) and that’s it… nothing more connected…

Has anybody seen this in unreal for an object so basic?
Any help would be amazing.