Need help understanding issues with replicated vector for spawning effect events


I am trying to figure out how to use less bandwidth for replicated projectiles.

The easiest way to replicate effects would be to run camera shake, sound and particle effect spawning in the projectile blueprint since I have set it to replicate.
In my understanding of this matter, this would rather be expensive on the network traffic - please correct me if I am wrong

Second solution would be to just replicate the position vector where i want the effects to spawn and run an event to spawn said things directly on the clients.
Since only one vector needs to be replicated, this should be much cheaper on network traffic.

Playing around with solution 2, I am encountering some problems with the camera shakes. Most of the times it works as intended, but every now and then the camera shake I want to be played on hit of a projectile (falloff is rather small), is being played on the shooter of the projectile as well. This issue seems to appear randomly.

Is there any “easy” explanation for this?

This is driving me nuts. The location is always replicated as expected. Sound effects and particle system spawning as intended. Only the shake which is played on hit is being played at 2 locations sometimes.

Pictures showing projectile blueprint and the event in pawn blueprint

I think I managed to “solve” it. As soon as I put a value smaller than 1000 for the outer radius, it works as intended. With a value bigger than 1000, the issue reappears. This is confusing -

edit3 and its reappearing again :slight_smile:
I give up and just put it back into the projectlie blueprint