Need Help, Trying to get the motion controller parent of the attached actor.

I have exhausted myself after fighting this problem for a few months now :frowning:

I have set up some holsters and they are working great, with the vr hands as I set them to holster on begin overlap with the vr hands as long as the grip condition is false.
Works great But as there is only a single condition for what is a duplicated hand I ran in to issues with my full body mesh because if one hand was gripping while the other was open the code was confused and was taking the condition from both hands.
So I need to create conditions of only holster if the held weapon/item is being held by the same hand that I am trying to release my grip with.
So I came up with these below trying to get the pickup actors parent motion controller name and the matching hand grip and turning them in to a condition.
But it is not working :frowning:

I made a simple debut manual holster button to force the holster when I press it and it worked so my code there is ok.
Not sure what I am doing wrong or if there is a better method to use