Need help simulating light bleed around edges of character mesh within material editor.

Hey all, halfway through a somewhat bothersome problem and need some help. So, I am currently making a cel shade look material, and I am trying to replicate a specific effect that I saw subtly worked into the new zelda breath of the wild game. The effect is, when the camera faces the direction of the sun, and is thus looking at the part of your character which is in shadow, the ‘light bleed’ around the edges of the character get bigger, aka they intrude more into the body of the character, pushing the shadows back a bit.

So far, I’ve got the on/off behavior from view direction sorted out, but I don’t know how to make the texture come in from the outer edges of the character only. I tried fresnel, but that affects anything with a sharp angle, including stuff on the inside of the character.

Its a little hard to explain with words, so I’ve got a picture below to show it better. The left image is the standard amount of light that bleeds around the edges of the character.

What I want is on the right, where the ‘light’ bleeds further into the silhouette of the character. And I specifically need to get that effect within the material editor, not as a post process or I won’t be able to use it correctly.

So if anyone knows how to achieve this effect, I would love a pointer in the right direction.