[Need help] Same setting, different rendering

Hi Guys,

The right scene is a copy of left scene, which is downloaded from the Market Place. I migrate and Build again, but they are different in colour. Why is this happening? How can I show the true colour (black, as you can see the material itself is black)?

P.S. The left side scene is downloaded from the Market Place and the right one is a copy. They have same world setting, project setting, same post process (all numbers are equal), same directional light (even the light angle) and both has no skylight.

I am using 4.18, win10, if this matter. Thanks


Here is the pic

Seems like all the material are brighten in the right sceneā€¦ ?.?

Well, for one you have a bunch of stuff in one scene and not in the other, which will affect lighting. Besides that, probably a difference would be if you have reflection probes set up, you also need to build your lighting in the second scene.