Need Help: Recording Movie w/ Matinee

I’m a beginner with Matinee and I’d just like to record a turntable I’ve made.

I’m using Matinee because the frame-rate is higher than recording with other software (OBS, Camtasia, etc.). The only problem is that it records incorrectly or not at all.

I’ve created a Director Group w/o a Camera so that it records the screen.

In the first example, the output is black. The preview window is exactly what I want, not sure what’s going on here. If I add a camera it zooms in really far or turns my entire mesh metallic. The results vary from project to project.

In the second example, I’ve added a camera to the group. It’s rendering now, but it’s excluding the texture information and just showing reflections. I assume it’s my cubemap I’ve made for the emissive, although its significantly reduced (as seen above).

Is there something I’m missing? I feel it should be an incredibly easy task but I’m having a hard time.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.