Need Help on using physics thrusters to make a vr actor fly Here is a screenshot of my actor and code. Nothing happens. Literally nothing happens, please help. The code for the right hand is the same as the left hand code.

If you are trying to make a flying Pawn, I would simply derive it from Default Pawn which has a flying movement component useful for the purpose. With that, you can apply any sort of movement to it, including a “thrust” in a defined direction.

This is a very good series of tutorials to learn how this can be done: Creating a VR Space Combat Sim Without Code in UE4 - YouTube

The use of a Physics Thruster component requires your Pawn to have physics enabled and also a defined mass, which may not be your case.


Out of curiosity, do you have any changes when you override global gravity set to 0?

Setting gravity to zero does not do anything as for using a default pawn i will try that next time I have a chance.

Is the root node of your pawn a mesh? That might help

How can I set the root node to be a mesh rather than a capsule?

If you drag & drop a child element in the hierarchy on top of the root node, you will be presented with the option to make that element the root node.