Need Help on using physics thrusters to make a vr actor fly

Imgur: The magic of the Internet Here is a screenshot of my actor and code. Nothing happens. Literally nothing happens, please help. The code for the right hand is the same as the left hand code.
Physics is enabled on the capsule.

As I understand your initial thrust is set to zero with an increase of +1000 per second. Considering a human sized character this would that more than a minute of thrust to start moving up.
I’ve not seen this said anywhere but the minimum thrust (force) to actually do anything like what you want can be calculated simply by:

**Fmin = mass of moving parts X gravity (in cm/s^2) = mass X 980 **

This is simply the Force of gravity in Newtons in kg*cm/s^2 because the length unit of Unreal is centimeters instead of meters (which is a more usual value).

Lower than this: slows falling, can’t go up (less than gravity).

Equal to this: stops falling, can’t go up.

Larger than this: starts to go up.

Instead of applying a value by itself why not use something like 100% * Fmin, 110% * Fmin, 120% * Fmin? Enter the mass of moving meshes as a variable so it can be reused without worrying about finding the right values each time.

Just as a reference some Force values in kg*cm/s^2:

Force of gravity on an apple: 100

Force of gravity on a average-sized human (80kg): 78.000

Human Punch (martial artist): 300.000

Sports car engine (varies a lot): 1.500.000

Space shuttle lift-off: 1.764.000.000

Thruster is applied only to mesh it’s attached. If you wanna fly like a Iron Man, you should move actor itself to the location of physics mesh (character probably). And don’t forget about vector calculation (from motion controllers location) and setting rotation to your thruster every frame.

So I should have two actors?

I tried values as hight as 1 mil but it doest work

No. Why tho?

What should i do to to get this to work

First of all, figure out how thruster works. That’s how I walked this way:

  1. create a simple actor with capsule collision as a root component
  2. set capsule to visible and not hidden in game
  3. add static mesh component (let it be sphere tho)
  4. set physics enable to sphere, but no gravity.
  5. add thruster to the sphere/capsule and set it force to the 10000
  6. play with different settings and you will see how it works.

I’m sure, after 1 hour you will be the most proficient dude with physics at this Hub) Enjoy!)