Need help on a complicated lightmap

Alright so, I have a really cool model of a spaceship that I didn’t make in OBJ format. I imported it into maya and exported as an FBX with embedded media checked, it looks amazing in UE4 I can tweak materials to get the perfect look. Everything is great until I bake the lights, the UVs overlap a lot due to each part having its own material, so there is no lightmap UV channel and I can’t use the default channel, so what do I do? How do I make a lightmap in maya? Would unwrapping each part using automatic UVs on a new UV set work? Any help would be appreciated!

yes you are right…for every object create a second uv set and make a 6planar uv projection…then layout the uv shells acording to your target resolution (there are presets in maya for eg a 1024 texture). then just reimport your shaceship and light should look great (in a static kinda way:)

Thanks for letting me know! :wink:

Well, I tried… the ship has about 80 parts ish, and then I realized… static meshes require light maps because they are STATIC! If I simply import the ship as a skeletal mesh, it will be dynamically lit and everything is fixed, this also lets me make some simple animations in maya, such as the door opening and closing, as well as some other parts, and I’m pretty sure I can play those animations at any time via blueprint or even an animation blueprint if I really wanted :slight_smile: