Need Help! [Objects disappearing]

I need help.
In the scene objects disappear when you approach them. each time it occurs with different objects …


-check if you can find any culling volumes in your level
-make sure that your objects are “solid” -> so not just planes
-what happens when you enable “two sided” in the material?
-check your lod’s
-which engine version do you use? :slight_smile:

All I checked. same
working in UE 4.8.2

That definitely looks like an LOD switch, but you very clearly don’t have LODs for that object. Did you at one point?

I would delete that asset and all its references, and then try importing it from scratch.

Do you get the same effect when you use dynamic lights or when you build the light?

yes. when i build the lightmass

Hmm, seems like a bug -> make sure to post this on answerhub:
-Btw, would it be possible that you share your level + just the specific mesh so that we can take a look at it? :slight_smile:
-select everything and copy it into a new level/project + test it again