Need help making skysphere out of camera output

I’m making a spaceship game where there are two instances: The interior of the spaceship where normal gravity is on (think Star Trek) and the spaceship in space where Newtonian physics apply (weightless). I have a window on my spaceship and I would like to see the surrounding space and objects from within the spaceship, but this would require a camera to be attached to the space-spaceship and the camera would output to a skysphere that would be around the interior-spaceship.

This would mean that I’d have to create some sort of panoramic camera perhaps? Is there a proper way of doing this in UE or is it simply not viable? Is this the right direction to implement this feature at all? I’ve come to a halt with this thing because the closest I’ve been able to accomplish is using using 4-6 cameras and create a box out of planes and attach cameras to them. By using this method, the perspective gets a bit wonky and there are visible edges where the sides meet: (picture)

If you’ve got any better idea, please feel free to suggest it out to me!