Need help making realistic water

Me and my brother have been looking at tutorials on how to make realistic water in Unreal Engine to no avail. Please help. We want to add transparency and proper wave height and color to the default ocean material so it looks decent. We also want to make it to where you can see the ocean floor.

So, before I switched over to WaveWorks for water rendering, I actually came up with a really low-overhead material that faked transparency (you don’t, generally speaking, actually want a transparent water surface with refraction; it creates more problems than it solves) by just blending a sand texture set as the material neared a beach shore – which you can poll easily with a distance field query.

It sounds dumb and simple, and it is. It’s great.

Here’s a wip shot of it (I don’t seem to have shots of the final result anywhere):

And, yeah, super low overhead. Ends up being ~90-100 pixel shader instructions and 50-60 vertex shader instructions.