Need Help Interpreting GPU Visualizer / “ProfileGPU”

The performance of my editor varies greatly when I start my project, even if nothing in my scene changed. The GPU Visualizer doesn’t seem to show any relevant differences between the high-FPS and low-FPS instances, other than “Scene” simply taking longer than it should:

  • The ProfileGPU results above are from the exact same scene, but the first time I started it, I got around 22 FPS, the second time around 55.
  • I’m not having any issues of this kind when playing games or using other software.
  • The FPS don’t recover while the editor is running, I have to restart the project for it to change.
  • GPU is an Nvidia GTX 970, driver version 430.39.
  • I closed all other applications to make sure they aren’t hogging any resources.
  • Currently on UE4.22.

Does anyone know what the empty space in the “Scene” visualization means or how I can fix it?

I still couldn’t figure out what’s going on there. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Bump of desperation.

Whenever something like this has happened to me, it was caused by an external program or peripheral. For me, my xbox one controller will always kill about 25 fps from my current project if connected through bluetooth. I have had an antivirus do something similar, maybe not as extreme. Also, running backups have caused unexpected performance drops.

Thanks, that’s something to go on, at least. :slight_smile:
I’m having this issue even if no other software is ‘visibly’ running. I also tried unplugging any gamepads or other external devices, but that doesn’t appear to be the cause either. It might be some random process in the background though, so I guess I could try reinstalling Windows and see if that fixes it.

Unfortunately, reinstalling Windows didn’t fix it. Help would still be appreciated.