(Need Help) Heart Beat Vertex Shader

Hey yall

I’m currently using UE3 and I’m trying to make a vertex shader material to make a mesh beat like a heart.

I found a video from Yoeri -Luos- Vleer that has a node I could use. How would I recreate this in UE3, and is there an easier way to achieve a heartbeat via material?

(I don’t know anything about UE3)
I imagine it would be the same as in the video.

Using a Panner node into a Sine node. Set up in such a way that you can a flash of white every second.
Then ADD (Add node) another Panner into Sine, but offset the Panner time with a Constant1 node. So you flash white twice every second.
From the Add node, Multiply with Vertex Normal node.

That’s it.

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