[Need Help] Game is in Viewport Play blurred!

Hello, my if I Start playing the Game my Unreal Engine Looks like this:

But in Editor it looks so:

the image is sharp…
what i do wrong?

Make sure that you use the “epic” quality settings :slight_smile:
-> settings button - scalability - epic

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Thx dude :smiley:

anyone else having this problem even after they set the scalability to epic…it still says epic but looks very unity…HA…
seriously though…just one of my levels scales the resolution down even though it’s set to Epic?..anybody else? just happened in 4.8

-Check your blueprints if you probably use any scalability console commands
-check the .ini files if you can find any scalability console commands -> yourproject-config :slight_smile:

no go on scalability console commands…not on the UI/menu stuff yet… no go on project-config…only 1 level it happens on…
likely a silly bug that will fix itself on a future hotfix or engine version…I have yet to hear of anyone else who has this problem so I just found it strange…