Need help for Invisible material

Hey guys, I really need help for making an "invisible"material that blocks light completely. pls answer D:

Invisible material that blocks light completely - you mean it will cast shadows while it’s hidden in game? Not exactly what you asked for, but I don’t know about material. Whole actor can be setup like that. If so then - go to the

  1. DetailsPanel → Lighting → CastShadow (true)
  2. DetailsPanel → Lighting → HiddenShadow (true)
  3. DetailsPanel → Rendering → ActorHiddenInGame (true)

You can modify this parameters runtime via blueprints.

I avoided using that solution, but in the end it was the only answer for this problem.

What if you will use RenderTargetTexture from SceneCaptureComponent to capture surrounding environment around your material. It will be opaque but work like a camera.