Need help for android

That Roboto error should not be fatal. Can you get a full log from the device (using “adb logcat” or the Monitor utility in the Android SDK)?

you mean the monitor.bat

this is the cmd when i try to install it after i packed it

That’s all fine. It installed okay. We need the runtime log from the device to be able to help.

how can i get the log of the device is it the monitor.bat?

Yes, use monitor.bat

Sorry, I missed an actual error in the package.

You are missing ant.bat, so your SDK is still not installed properly. Ant is installed by TADP or you should be able to get it in the SDK setup program. Looks like maybe it got uninstalled.

Did you install from NVIDIAs TADP installed, or did you use the one we include with UE4?

i used the one in this path C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Extras\Android

with this name tadp-2.0r8-windows

i changed a path in the android sdk in ue4 of the of the location of ANT this this C:\NVPACK\apache-ant-1.8.2
before it was this C:\NVPACK\apache-ant-1.8.2/bin

and then i was able to launch something on the phone but then on the phone i recieved some errors

i can’t see the logs of the device

Run “adb logcat” in a cmd.exe command prompt. That should get you a massive dump. If it works, you can do “adb logcat > logcat.txt” to dump it to a text file you can upload.

hope this is the right thing (i think not)link text

Now, that’s what happens if you run adb without a command after it, or if you typed it wrong.

Oh, how did you get this earlier?

“Error: CDO constructor (editableTextBox): Failed to find /engine/EngineFonts/Roboto”

can’t upload the file from monitor.bat

it sayd no such upload

Not sure what that means :slight_smile:

Okay, I see that message was on the phone. Maybe take a screenshot of the errors?

here are a few screenshots of the errors but there are a lot more

maybe ist a lot easier if you have a engine that is perfectly setup :slight_smile:

alt text

any idea what the problem can be?

This may be stale data on the device, or on your PC. Can you try running one of the sample games like TappyChicken? Or make a new pproject from a template and trying that?

Are you content-only, or did you write code?

its a third person template with blueprint without adding custom content i tryed tappy chicken to ist the same thing

but i did something new:

when i packaged the game with shipping configuration and then installed on the phone
my phone sayed


failed to open descripter file…/…/…/DeployOnAndroid/DeployOnAndroid.uproject