Need help Final Fantasy like!

Okay so ill get to the point i need this to get around the forums fast! I need as much help as i can get and have tons of free time.

I’m trying to learn how to:
Teleport my character like so Lost Soul Aside - TrailerHD - YouTube @ 3:27

I’m trying to learn how to:
Line trace my character like the above same time

I’m trying to learn how to :
Animate camera into moves like so Lost Soul Aside - TrailerHD - YouTube @ 4:37

I’m also trying to learn this kinda of combat system bps etc Lost Soul Aside - TrailerHD - YouTube, for my game, mixed with DMC. "Devil May Cry.
Please if anyone can help I have tried contacting Bing Yang the maker of Lost Soul Aside - TrailerHD - YouTube for help since he to use’s UE4. Also this would be very helpful for others as well!

I suggest start with my DMC like tutorials…it’ll take a full day to get through them if you’re starting out but by the end of a weekend you’ll have a playable game.

Teleport character - 2 ways of doing this come to mind…easiest is just move the root bone in your animation to the point you want them to teleport to when you set up your dodge animation…Alice does this in my game…She dashes forward, backwards, and to the sides…Root bone moves over a few frames in mine (likely only a frame or two in his animations) and as long as you have root animation checked on in the anim options in Unreal it’ll work…
Otherwise use Timelines to set actor location…this is trickier though because you could accidentally set a character inside of something which could be problematic…forget I mentioned this way…it’s likely not good for an action game.

Line Trace - tons of tuts out there…I mention them in my tuts as well

Animate camera - lots of Cinematic tutorials by Epic themselves will accomplish this for you…

step by step you’ll get all you want done…just takes a bit of time…good luck…

Hey. Its been a long time that you created this post. I wonder how is your progress. Here is mine after 49 days: