Need help debugging timer in HUD

I have a timer in my HUD that is a text block binded to a function in which I convert a float variable into a text variable. The goal of the timer is to count down to the death criteria of the level (meaning to when the level is loaded again and the whole thing starts over). The first time I play the level it works exactly as it should, but then when the timer reaches 0,00 and the level is loaded again, the timer shows a persistent 0,00 under (or on top of - can’t really tell) the variable as it should be shown. In other words, the variable is now layered on top of a 0,00 which I can’t seem to get rid of. Here are some screenshots to explain the problem:

The normal timer

The bugged timer when the level loads again

Her’s how the HUD blueprint graph looks:

The HUD EventGraph

The function converting the float to a text variable

The section of the Character EventGraph which deals with creating the HUD

Am I doing something wrong here? Or should I be looking somewhere else entirely to get rid of this bug? Any help or thoughts will be greatly appreciated!