Need help creating sparkling gems, sequins and glitter in UE

I am trying to create character costumes with sparkling sequins, crystals and glitter in UE. I am using Substance Painter to create the textures, and things look “okay” there. When I bring my textured character into UE, I lose all of the sparkle and glitter. Things look shiny, but not sparkling and magical - you know, “Las Vegas style.”

I suspect that UE is interpreting the sparkles as noise that needs to be denoised. Does anyone have an idea on how to set up my materials in UE so that they will sparkle and glitter? Some kind of post process maybe? This would be useful for anyone who has gems and treasure in their projects as well.

Here’s a gif that demontrates what I’m trying to achieve (it’s actually a bit much, but it’s the closest I can find).

LR sequin GIF.gif

Here’s what I’m getting:

I would appreciate any advise! Thanks!

You need Bloom Convolution PP Bloom | Unreal Engine Documentation.

Wow - thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.