Need Help - Creating and packaging a project for Vive

After creating an interior walkthrough for a client’ s architectural project, they’re asking for a version that can be viewed in Vive. The main issue I’m having with this is that I do not own a Vive that I can test the project with. I’m a noob with unreal and especially so with VR, so I have a few questions about how to prepare the scene and package the project so the client can view the scene with a Vive:

How do I package the project so it can be viewed in Vive? I’ve read the following forum post but don’t know if I’ve done it correctly:


How do I set up the motion controller pawn from the VR blueprint template? I’ve migrated the pawn and dependencies into my scene from the VR template but don’t know how to set it up so that it will be used instead of the first person controller.


About starting the project in VR, what are you doing is a valid way, but more proper one would be to simple check “Start In VR” in project settings.

Regarding pawn - Create a new blue print - Game Mode. The click on Settings -> World Settings, select to apply your GameMode and select default pawn.


Awesome, thanks for the detailed reply. I’ll try this and post an update