[Need Help] 3D Widgets causing crash from built project?

Hi there

In my current project I am at the moment heavily relying on the use of 3D UMG widgets for my current user interface setup. The project is geared towards VR so we went down the route of using the 3D widgets to avoid any of the pitfalls related to using 2D screen elements and VR tech. When the project is packaged and built I am experience a strange crash that does not appear to be triggered by any specific event in game but seems to be tied to the 3D widgets, but I am unable to pin point the exact issue. I have been experiencing this issue across multiple different engine versions and on multiple different platforms. I have built the project in engine versions 4.8.0, 4.8.1 and 4.8.2. Both the release version and a source built version and I am getting the same results across all. I have been packaging the project for both PC (win64) and for PS4, with both builds on both platforms still giving this same issue. When running the project from within the editor it runs perfectly and I am faced with no errors or issues.

When the build crashes I am given a break point in the executable file for the project referencing a line in the “SlateRHIRenderingPolicy.ccp” file and judging by the call stack it would seem as if the issue originates from these 3D widgets. I have attached a screenshot showing the call stick and the line at which the break point is given. I am struggling to find a way to fix this issue currently and have not yet found any reference to similar issues on the forums so any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks, Luke.