Need Guidance - Multiplayer Proofing Your Game

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently making a prototype of my game top the extend of gameplay and combat (movement, attacks, skills, items, etc.). My question is what are some obvious rules of thumb in terms of your parameters and blueprints that you should take if there is multiplayer in the pipeline for your game? If things kick off, I want to make sure implementing multiplayer wouldn’t mean going back and readjusting everything so it work through multiplayer.

Thank you!

If you don’t start it off with multiplayer, then it doesn’t really matter what you do, you will have to readjust quite a bit in order to make it work. I suggest you just do it right off the bat unless your project isn’t too complex. If it makes it easier, you can begin with parts and then make those parts multiplayer compatible, but it will be very tough if you start off as a single player game and then just decide to add multiplayer to it if there’s a lot of logic that isn’t replicated by Unreal by default. Movement is mostly handled by the engine, so you’re good there. Everywhere else will pretty much need to be adjusted.

Thanks for the input! Seeing as I’m new to game development, it might be a better idea just making the single-player game now, and a separate follow-up multiplayer game after (if the first one is successful).

That is a viable option - just be aware that you’d end up throwing away most of your code when it comes to making the successor.

Its tempting to look at things that way, but in truth its very tricky and very few devs ever manage to pull it off…
What you need to know is whether the game is ‘better’ as Multiplayer or Singleplayer without building both.
But how can you do that? Split-Screen is one possibility (use a utility to split the displays across monitors).
But as hinted above: Multiplayer means knowing networking vs. singleplayer advanced AI. Both are tough!