Need feedback from you guys for name + logo design for ...

… my new little game company I am setting up for my Escape from Mill Station game project.
What do you guys think?


There will be variations on this design but this is the “base” idea :slight_smile:

The image on your game T-shirt is very strong!
This one takes a bit more getting used to tbh…:slight_smile:

O.k. thanks yeah the thing is the company will be doing other games and things too so it needs to be separate from the
game’s name :slight_smile:

I can still change it so feel free to trash it gloriously :slight_smile:
This is an amazing trolling opportunity :slight_smile:

Sure, that’s understood as this is just game one of several planned.
But the sub-images / theme on the T-shirt still came across clearer…
Add skin to the feet, not use bones. Or put each foot over actual text???


Another variation …

O.k. thanks for the feedback.
I am still trying to work out the design :slight_smile:

I think the feet only design doesn’t really work.
I showed it around the office here and people don’t really know what they are looking at with the feet only.
It takes them a few seconds to figure out.
The “little skeleton with worn shoes” they get right away :slight_smile:


Very nice but it reminds me a little too much of Naughty Dog and Hang Ten designs.
But cute though :slight_smile:

Nice one Techlord!

I agree its very nice but to me its just a little too close to Hang Ten or Naughty Dog.
But yeah the thinking is there I like the moving around of the text and over artwork :slight_smile:

Mostly Concept. My inspiration was to create a button-like shape with emphasis on ‘Click’… Spelling out Foot in shapes, using 3 or more Os for toes. A image with simple Black/White that looks good on printed paper and creates tight optimized image. There may be an subliminal advantage being associated with known brands like naughty dogs & hangten.

Thank you!



Here is another go.

Think the eyes should be white. Otherwise it loos like he is wearing sunshades.

Looking Good.

Heres how it looks as a Icon (64x64)


Hi TechLord yeah icons and favicons a whole different deal.
I would do a different design for those.
Maybe just the skull and eyes.
Or maybe just the eyes :slight_smile:
Very busy with game trailer at the moment I will return to this and finish up.
Thanks to everyone for your input appreciate it :slight_smile:
I just wanted to “rough it in” at this point.

It does look good. Just to give you some other ideas.
Whenever i think of click. I thinking of the old school toy clackers, and newtons cradle.
If you animated your name as newtons cradle it would be a cool intro with clicking.

Heh. Got it thanks.