Need feed back and suggestion on making a Sand Material.


I am trying to make a Sand material. I am a programmer so I don’t have any experience in shader creation.

Ignore the landscape I had built one quickly just for testing

this is the one with subsurface scattering

This is the material for it

Is this good enough or do i have to add some things extra?

And yes, how do I create sand for mobile games?
It looks horrible without subsurface scattering

Any changes extra I should do to make it look better? Like adding extra lights that only light the landscape etc?

It depends if you want to create a “real” sand material? -> then you should use a better sand texture

e.g Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!

Also add a stronger normal map to your current material, because at the moment it just looks like a flat plane and probably also a little bit of variation (take a look at the existing ground materials from epic games) :wink:

The normal maps had error… The way i had written my shaders… Looks better now

Can you please post an updated screenshot? Did you use one of the cgtextures photos?

Haven’t used the cgtexture yet. Had said my 2d artist to edit ti a bit before using.

Some parts of it kind of has a white reflection which doesn’t make it look good though.

Like this