Need Dynamic Lighting + Static Shadows on Foliage

I’m trying to bake foliage (trees) with a stationary directional light. I want foliage to cast static shadows on landscape and static meshes, but I don’t want to bake lightmaps on the foliage themselves. Unfortunately, foliage has only two options: static, or movable, and movable does not bake static shadows.

The only way to get shadows from foliage it seems is using dynamic cascaded shadows or raytraced shadows: baked is out of the question. Trying to see if baking shadows instead of distance fields can save FPS.

You can’t combine the two in Unreal, except for blending from one to another. Once dynamic shadows are enabled, all meshes with “cast dynamic shadows” checked will cast shadows and those with it unchecked shouldn’t cast a shadow at all, even if there was a baked one.

Distance Field shadows are not triangle or transparency dependent, so they would work perfectly for large-scale scenes with tons of shadow casters, provided the distance field representations fit in your memory budget.

I was hoping I can have cascaded shadows up front, baked shadows in the distance, but I’m now realizing there needs to be a way for the meshes themselves to receive shadows. Distance field, really, is the only option.

Is there a way to get total memory usage of a project before compiling? Stat memory is too broken up, and I doubt the game is going to use as much memory as the editor. Task manager says 2.3 GB for the engine and map, and I want to make sure Lightmass usage isn’t too heavy.