Need concept artists/character designers for project

I need concept artists/character designers for Project MUTANT, a 3D Action/Adventure game with a focus on electricity and magnetism. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is but a memory and anthropomorphic animals have taken over, the game stars Angie, a 15-year old fox who was mutated years ago by the games main antagonist (who I have not come up with yet). Her mutations gave her long, sharp claws and teeth, and super strength. She also has a robotic arm that can shoot electricity and function as a magnet. I , of course, need people who can do anthropomorphic animals and the game’s enemies: mutant monsters. I use Discord. Email me at [EMAIL=“”] if you’re interested.

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Hello @Graystripe2000,

I like the premise of your game concept, If I wasn’t already engrossed deeply into my own Sci-Fi Game development, I would sign up as a Blueprints Programmer. Interestingly, Both our games involve Robots, Mutants, and Electro-Magnetism. Another aspect we share is UNPAID recruitment. Its extremely difficult to locate Concept Artist, Modeler, Animators, Programmers etc for UNPAID and ROYALTY based projects. I have been seeking out such talented individuals for over a year, with only 1 or two decent inquiries, who eventually quit because they were not getting paid.

Luckily for me, I’ve been working with UE4 for 3 years evolving my Blueprints skills and made a significant investment in Marketplace Assets. I’ve have also been learning to do the ‘hard work’ such as modeling and animation. The internet has provided plenty of images and videos to formulate a concept in my minds eye. Sometime I make my own concept art by cutting and pasting parts of image pics to create creature collage images in GIMP. Even after you get your concept, someone (if not you) has to transform it into work of 3D Art.

My goal now is to ensure my project does not die. I cannot play any Survival Games, because I’m too busy ensuring the Survival of my own Game. Haha. Survival Counter Measures include using Procedural Generation and User Mediate Content (In-game Customization). This requires assets to be modular in parts/pieces that can assembled into various combinations in-game. I summarize all of this into one phrase: Real-time Kit-Bashing. [TABLE=“align: center, border: 0, cellpadding: 1, width: 500”]


For real-time organic kitbashing for creatures, I’ve reviewed Spore Creature Creator to devise a strategy for Mutant Creatures. In my game they’re called Chimeras, a sort of Flesh Golem literally pieced together from different monsters parts. I figured if could create collages with images, I could create collages with 3D meshes. Here is my first first 3D collage construction prototype. For my game I’m applying procedural generation and realtime kitbashing at many layers. Many Entities in the game will use real-time kit-bashing these include Player Character Armor, Creatures, Weapons, Vehicles, Machines, Architecture and Furniture props. [TABLE=“align: center, border: 0, cellpadding: 1, width: 500”]


I’m also throwing in a Campaign Builder. I’ve realized our rev-share based team doesn’t possess the stability to create the massive scale game like the Paid teams do. So I’m preparing to empower my Players with tools to assist in building it.

I’ll conclude my spill with saying, you may or may not find a concept. I may take a long to find one. But, what every you do, dont let that be show stopper for you. Seek out other alternatives even if they dont produce the perfect results. Something is better than nothing. If you interested in learning more about some of development techniques we can chat on discord. I sincerely wish you the best on your game dev journey.