Need bit of help with lights

Hello, everyone, I’m Exodus, nice to meet you.

I just started one month ago developing with this wonderful engine, I have perfectly in mind the look of the game I’m creating, but I’m getting problems with shadowing, no matter what values of the light I change, the result is always off and far far away from the editor and the preview. Can someone help me a little pointing me in the right direction? I also started a completely new level just to understand if I messed up something ( :slight_smile: ) but the result is always the same. Here I drop some screenshots so you can understand better. Thanks in advance to everyone!

Adding The conf of my pc if can help. I also have problems with volumetric fog. it’s blinking in my editor now, and I can’t see it anymore :frowning: followed all tutorial on line , even this one,, I downloaded the same project file and on my machine it renders now in a different way as you can see I can’t see the exp fog :frowning: