Need Advice (World comp + world creator 2)

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General info:

I have been having issues trying to figure a good map size and detail level. Apart from that getting it so I don’t have to set the Z accesses to crazy levels (try to keep it below 300). I’m using a 3950x + 2080ti + 32gb ram and all the ssd space one could need. I have been trying to make an open world map that sits well. We have a lot of mobility skills. So I need a larger (less populated) map in some areas. As others are highly populated. (pre made the populated sections)


I keep running into issues due to the Z point and how large the map should be without needing to spend 4 days per test to get a “feel”. The moment I get around 20,000x20,000 the maps start to feel large enough though the issue becomes it takes literally a day and a half to render the map. Though it looks like this is due to the amount of files? Is there a way to speed this up or get around it? Is there another program that would make life easier? In all honesty I can use a 20,000x20,000 flat map and import data from other files inside the project/make the landscape by hand. I have nothing better to do with my life.,

i should walk ya through using this neat free tool ya cannow downlaod free

ya can make some wacky stuff bring into editor and mess with and you dont need to pay anyone

iv had no issues with world creator other then the loading time + z values. Looking at this it wont split the map with boarders for use with world comp. Looks like a great tool for singular worlds. Unless I missed something.

ya need to change its options take out all the bits you dont need like titles etc hold on im dling new version when done ill come here and screenshot hwo to use it
you then save the GREYSCALE map and hten canimport it into your engine as a new level

left side see that arrow you need click that and make a few changes
then un check everyhting but rivers
then goto style
click greyscale
then click save as PNG

when importing a level you import the png file and wella

lil type there was a water sahder not long ago you can use and scale up that can fill in the water bits and make it really realistic for water
lil work and youd have a real neat actual level

ya too many issues with 425.2 still cant keep this open and use it
i guess till i get new hardware im done with new things
anyhow that will get ya to where you can use that pre 425.2 anyhow works on 424 and earlier

Git it working. I’m actually using the heightmap then importing it to world creator then editing it there. Works like a charm! Thank you!!

425.2 still has issue sin sequencer its not grabbing stuff i place into scenes properly
etc but otherwise they did fix a lot …425.3 should be that usualy sweet spot

i dont need world creator lol that app i mentioned above does some crazy neat stuff
flip it upside down andyou got the wildest looking planet a towers ever

I’m using wc because it does more then just mold stuff. Though I can really bring out the heightmap allot with wc so that nice.