Need advice on development

Hey everyone, I’ve been on and off developing a game to release on steam for a while now. I use a lot of marketplace assets over the years and have trouble connecting these without breaking my game. I have the story down in terms of development and just started messing around with world building but have nothing set other than the main menu system. I need advice on whether I should continue working on this project and try to wind all of my assets and stuff together or start new and try again?

Hello there @Mrminecraftwizz1

Short Answer:

Dont start new, Redesign the game concept and customize Marketplace Assets to work together.

Long Answer:

I develop with many Marketplace Assets as well. Developers like us will always find ourselves in this situation using many pre-created Assets of different designs. Thus, you will find yourself stuck in never ending game dev loop of restarting projects If you don’t design/redesign your game concept and customize the assets to work together.

My original game design has morphed into something completely different than what I started with, but, I refused to start over from scratch and repurpose my custom work. So I found my redesigning the game concept to fit the resources I possess, and customize the assets I could to fit into the new design.