Need advice on best practises for NVLink support

Hey guys, I’m sure some of you are aware of how certain games are making really good use of NVlink and allowing users of twin 2070 supers and twin 2080 supers to get as much as 85-95% better performance running them in twin link vs single for 2k and 4k benchmarks respectively.
I am now focusing on making the current game I’m working on optimised as much as possible for Nvidia Link. Currently using 4.22 for my project build.

**Question: I would like to know if there are any techniques/best practises that can improve my optimisation for getting the most out of a second 2070 or 2080 standard/super card for my ue4 game? **

I’m also curious if texture streaming helps improve this and if upgrading from 4.22 to newer versions will improve the support for NVlink.
Basically i want to do EVERYTHING in my power to make Nvlink support for this range as great as possible but it’s hard without knowing what makes the difference.

UE4 does not support NVLink

Bummer. Do you know if they plan on adding support in future? :frowning:

Multi-GPU support is something they’re working on for raytracing, but it’s possible that they don’t end up putting that in. They haven’t talked specifically about NVlink as far as I know.