Need a system that can interpolate / tween pixel position between two textures, possible?

Using flip-book style animations for eye blinks, which just calls on different textures for blinks and different expressions, but their is no transitions between these unless we were to manually create a ton of textures.

Is there some node or system in UE4 that could do anything like auto tweening in animation software, or the frame interpolation that is on most modern TVs to generate artificial inbetween frames? It doesn’t necessarily have to be accurate because the transitions would be fairly fast, just something to smooth out the motion.

You can use single channel grayscale gradients then use the material math nodes to turn the gradients into masks and have it all be controlled via a material parameter collection variable. It will depend on how many expressions you need to show and also how well you’re able to manipulate the masks. This can get over complicated rather fast though depending on how simple or complex you want to make your expression system and as such may not be a viable solution for you.