Need a little guidance with first multiplayer

Hi Friends,
I am trying to create my first multiplayer experience, I make simulations and visualizations mainly. What i want to make is a simulation where multiple people can login with different user rights, some people will be able to interact with certain objects and some with other, and they make certain changes which will be permanently saved, so on each restart the “game” will not reset but resume from the previous state. So far I have managed to set up dedicated server for testing purposes but I got a little confused about a few things.
1- How to tell server which user has logged in to set the user rights, in a single player I usually set the variables I want to access in gameinstance, so should the “player” login umg set variable in gameinstance?
2- what would be the best way to set the game in a certain state once modifications are made?

Hey there, my guess is that you should have a database in the server that has a list of the users and their permissions, use this as a starting point. For the state save, i would say that you would use a save game node and store in it the actors name and their transform. Then on begin play of the level you load the save game and you set the transforms.