need a help with shadow

Hello people!

I need a little help with the shadows.

When i make the scene the shadows are ok like this:

but if i made ‘build’ they just disapears!

The lightmap resolution on the ground is too low

In case is a landscape, where i change that? :slight_smile:

I did right? I try change in landscape and put build but nothing change.

Weird, this only happens on this level. The other levels are ok (the build and shadow)

You might have to set the lighting resolution to a lower number, like how it works with BSP, try a resolution of like 16

Nothing change, the shadow still disapears after build.

… up?..

Weird problem 2:

Look the water:

Now look the water when i pass the brush (from folige) above the water:

up :frowning: !!!