Necro's Bone Box

Necro’s Bone Box is live on the Marketplace! I’m creating this thread for support and to showcase any updates to the pack. If you get the pack and like it, please rate it on the Marketplace, and leave a comment. I appreciate it!

Sending the new update with the human skull today!

Heck yea! The human skull is really the one I wanted most personally. Going to pick this up ASAP.

Any plans to add a human skeleton?

Thanks n00854180t! There are no plans for a full human skeleton at this point. The skull recreation I bought to scan was around $60 (the more expensive, the more realistic). I can’t even imagine what a full skeleton would cost. That, and it would be difficult to scan. It would probably have to be scanned bone by bone and then put back together in game.

There’s a jaw bone that goes with the skull that I will get scan and upload in the next update (along with some other cow bones). I touched up the normals and roughness maps a lot more on the human skull using Substance Painter, and liked the way it turned out, so the next update will most likely include touched up normal/roughness maps for the rest of the skulls as well. Not sure when the next update will be, as I’m a bit burned out on photogrammetry :slight_smile:

If you do pick up the pack and like it, please rate it and leave a comment! I’d really appreciate it.

Sketchfab of the human skull, now available in Necro’s Bone Box!

Human Skull 01 by necrophob30 on Sketchfab

Hi Necrophob30,

just picked up the pack and wondering where to find the human skull as it’s promoted on the marketplace but doesn’t seem to come with any?


Hello Blitz. Another user brought this to my attention. Apparently my updated files were never uploaded to the Marketplace back in November, when I sent the update to Epic. I’ve had a ticket in with Epic since last week, but haven’t heard anything yet :(. Thank you for buying the pack! I’ll post a reply once I’ve heard from Epic.

Everything looks great. Very worth the price.

Any plans on making a more expensive set with full anatomically precise skeletons of cows, deer, horses, dogs/wolves/, humans, etc. ?

Or adding ribcages to this set? ribcage always adds a creepy feel to random skeletons.

Thanks BlackRang666!

Adeptus: no plans on full skeletons right now (would be hard to scan, I’d think). As for a ribcage, I might go shopping for a nice human replica. If I can find one that doesn’t break the bank, I’d consider adding it to the pack.

Necro’s Bone Box is finally updated! The human skull should now be part of the pack. Thanks be to Smarkoff for getting the update processed!

Human jaw, hopefully to be finished soon:

Necro’s Bone Box has been updated to include the human jaw bone! It might be awhile to the next update, as I am expecting a new baby any day now. But once I get time again, I’ll start working on some new updates.

Looks very good and realistic, gg :wink:

Thanks macoll!

Sketchfab of the jaw bone:

Human Jaw 01 by necrophob30 on Sketchfab

Started work on the next update. First bone in the works is a fragment of a cow leg bone:


Necro’s Bone Box is currently on sale for 50% off (sale price of $10). Working on a new update to come out soon.

Still working on the update. Here’s a deer antler (shot is from Photoscan, and is a bit rough currently). I might do a few of them so you can scatter them around forests or something :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that Necro’s Bone Box is on sale this week. It’s selling for $10, which is 50% off it’s normal price of $20.

What is the polycount in average on those, please?