Nearest neighbour panning textures producing more artifacts in 4.22?

Flipbooks with pixel sprites have artifacts within it when it’s moving. This only happens in perspective camera, and does not happen in places other than the view port/in-game. It’s gotten worse since upgrading to 4.22, and I’m not really sure why. Regardless of engine version, I’m hoping there is a workaround or fix ):

It’s very noticeable in game vs. view port.

Front camera in viewport. The same flipbook in UMG and in the asset viewer are like this, with no issues.

Using default Paper2D texture settings (I’ve tweaked this and nothing changed)
Using default lit sprite material

I’ve seen this issue before we upgraded in 4.21 and 4.20, and there have been others with this issue in the past with seemingly no solution or answers since:

Thanks in advance!

It’s the way the aliasing method was handling the giant pixels. In the future, play around with them in your project settings. I settled at FXAA and r.PostProcessAAQuality 2

Props to helping me figure it out!